Clarias Catfish & Monosex Tilapia Fingerlings, Juveniles and Collapsible Tarpaulin Ponds in Abuja, Nigeria

Piscine Paces Aqua Resources (PiPAR) produces clarias catfish and tilapia fingerlings and juveniles as collapsible tarpaulin ponds in Abuja. PiPAR is a fish seed production and culture systems installation company, incorporated in Nigeria in 2016. We are located in Karshi, a satellite town of Abuja, where it shares borders with Nasarawa State.

We major in the production of various life stages of catfish, from fingerlings to brood stock, as well as collapsible (tarpaulin) fish ponds. These are basically input to fish farming businesses or hobbyists.

Our product distribution network covers the Federal Capital Territory, the neighbouring Nasarawa State, and the entire North Central Nigeria. Farmers are assured of viable fast growing fingerlings and juveniles of clarias catfish and mono-sex tilapia when they buy fish seed from us.

Piscine Paces Aqua Resources also provides technical assistance (consultancy services) to clients. This is to help them ensure the sustainable profitability of their farming ventures. At PiPAR, it is our vision that you get it right from the very start.

We also facilitate training, entrepreneurship and demonstration sessions. Budding and expanding fish farms or hatcheries, skills acquisition centres, retiree unions and individuals who desire to venture into fisheries, or improve their skills in the industry can employ our services.

Our vision is to help the farmer get it right from the start, while building a healthier environment.

Our mission – To augment the natural abundance of fish seeds which are vital to human nutrition and healthier environment, thereby contribute to achieving Africa’s food security and ecological balance.

Our range of products

Catfish juveniles
Catfish Broodstock

Whether the need of a fish farmer in Abuja, Nasarawa State (or any part of North Central Nigeria) is Clarias or monosex tilapia fingerlings, quality Clarias or heterobranchus brood stock, collapsible (tarpaulin) fish ponds or Fisheries consultancy sessions, Piscine Paces Aqua Resources remains the go to destination.
We are reachable always on 08073528913.

We strive to ensure our mission is being achieved through strict adherence to production and supply of the best quality strains of fish seed. Knowing well that every farming venture can only yield gains to the extent to which inputs stocked are viable.

Durable ponds that put your investment within your reach

Tarpaulin fish pond
Tarpaulin ponds
Mobile fish pond